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Get involved with The Karlton IndexOur experience in working in dog breed health, has demonstrated that much can be achieved through collaboration and shared knowledge. To that end, we want to fully develop that aspect of our role. Help us do that by getting in touch.

The first form ensures that we have all your correct contact details and a current over view of your breed. All information sent through is used in compliance with Data Protection.

The second Form is about encouraging best practice and shared experience. So please let us know of any examples of work you are doing on health that you feel could benefit others, and we will create a case study to be shared across other breeds. Or conversely, let us know of a breed health issue that you are finding particularly challenging. We will put you in touch with others who may be able to help.

The third form is for you to give us feedback on how we have represented your breed. Let us know of any current health activities you feel we may have missed or highlight anything you feel we may have reported incorrectly.

To select a Form to complete, please click one of the links, below. All information supplied is managed under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Breed Club Information
Form objective: To gather current club contact and social media information.

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Have you done a breed health survey recently?

If yes, have the results been published?

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Case Studies and Knowledge sharing
Form objective: To assist breed clubs in sharing breed health knowledge and experience. Please note that these case studies will be featured as part of The Karlton Index Blog but we will contact you beforehand for your express permission for it to be published.

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What would you do differently if anything? *

Does your breed face a health challenge you’d like help on?

Outline the details of that here and we will put you in touch with people who might be able to help *

Feedback for The Karlton Index
Form Objective: To update us on your current health activities or correct something we have got wrong.

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