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Has failed to score a single point

Despite being an iconic Toy breed, Kennel Club registrations for Yorkshire Terriers are declining with the current ten-year total being just 75% of what it was in 2010.  That said, it remains in the top five most popular toy dogs according to KC data. Given its iconic status, it is disappointing to report that the Yorkshire Terrier breeder community has failed to score a single point against the Karlton Index framework in the entire five years of running.

This means that reliable and up to date information on the breed here in the UK is very hard to access and there is very little visible activity done by breeders to improve the health of the breed. Much may be going on “behind closed doors” but that is not an approach that maximises the chances of safeguarding the health and welfare of these sweet dogs.

In the absence of any information from the breed clubs, we recommend puppy buyers speak to individual Assured breeders and make use of the PDSA’s dog breed guide

The Karlton Index ReportView the latest (2013), full Karlton Index Report

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