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The KarltonINDEX FrameworkProven Methodology

The Karlton Index framework is based on a simple but well known cycle of continuous improvement:  plan – do – review. The best way of understanding it, is to think of it as a structured set of four steps, each of which will contribute to improved breed health. The first step, is for someone, some group or some section of a breed community, to take a lead on health matters and start focusing on a health agenda. This is the Leadership section.

The second step is to communicate the plans of the leadership group widely, with the aim of engaging with as many breeders and owners as possible. This is the communication/ engagement section.

The third step, is to get people in the breed to actively participate in your health plans and initiatives, hence the section is called Participation.

The final step is to assess the positive impact each of the first three steps have had on breed health. Evaluation of your efforts at this stage will then go on to inform revised plans for the future – and in this way the steps begin all over again, giving you the continuous improvement structure.

Leadership & Health (20 points)

The Leadership section sets the foundation for health improvement in a breed. It covers resources in terms of time, people and funding. It calls for health improvement objectives, based on scientific data and research. It asks for a health agenda to be broad in its scope and include both genetic and conformation issues.

Communication & Engagement (20 points)

Communication and engagement focuses on how the above agenda is communicated to breeders, vets and pet owners. Also how those groups are encouraged to support the health agenda.

Participation (20 points)

Participation is about taking the most appropriate action to deliver the health strategy (e.g., reducing COI, health screening, DNA testing).

Impact (40 points)

IMPACT measures the achievement of the health objectives set by the breed communities and considers how they evaluate their own progress towards safeguarding the health and welfare of the dogs.

What we are looking for – Total 20 points

Element: Comprehensive breed health strategy
Element: Co-ordination and management of that strategy
Element: Resources

What we are looking for – Total 20 points

Element: Communication of health strategy
Element: Engagement with health strategy
Element: Communication of updated health data

What we are looking for – Total 20 points

Element: Breadth and depth of participation

What we are looking for – Total 40 points

For 2016, Impact will be measured differently. Feedback we received following the 2013 report was that the Impact section was the least helpful to breed communities as it did not give them credit for small incremental improvements.  In analysing that feedback we agree that measuring impact needs to change so here is the latest version of this section.

Element: Impact on puppy buyers/ pet owners
Element: Impact on Breeders
Element: Health trends in the Breed

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